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Any one handled a external building painting project for a high rise building
recently going to oversee an external building painting project . Building is 15 stories . I'm more of the coordinator as we are hiring a contractor to do the execution . Any pointers
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Perhaps I did not understand your post, but nothing special to be considered beyond the "traditional" things to take into account. Perhaps forget about formality and focus on steps to achieve the goal mainly to gain commitment which is hard in this type of initiatives at least in my personal experience.
Specifically what are the challenges or concerns you are dealing with Kudzai? Some pointers I can think of are: safety of the staff, public safety, how to perform quality checks, and utilizing any latest gadgets/tools to gain efficiencies.
My concerns are to ensure quality and most improtantly stakeholder satisfaction. Safety goes without saying. But any tips in how to ensure effective implementation . Things to look out for.

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