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Is the PMP exam outline change a good or a bad move? What do you think about it?
Earlier this year PMI had announced a change in PMP exam outline effectively deviating dependence on PMBOK Guide. The new Exam outlines mentions. Now, the PMP exam will emphasize more on People, Process and Business Environment.

Also, feel free to comment if you have any specific rationale in the spectrum.
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It's adapting because (Per PMI Research) 47% of companies were using a Plan Driven Approach with 46% using Agile or Hybrid approaches.

The new content is going to have much of the same content, but its not broken into Knowledge Areas like you see now - but rearranged. Personally, I think its good because the learning specifically by KA is not necessarily the best way. And as someone who recently took the test, it did lean a lot of the questions towards stakeholders and people over pure processes -- not many calculations but more how to handle situations.
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Since PMI, as a result of the studies carried out, concluded which competencies organizations most appreciated were: Project Management (technical skills), Leadership and Strategic and Business Management, developed the Talent Triangle concept and added to CCRS 8 hours in every competency that makes sense to change the exam to the PMP certification
Content outline still is a must read and understanding for people that expect to pass the certification exam. It is the real guide to answer the questions in the right way.
The outline should enhance the PMBOK and the understanding of the content associated with any PMs knowledge base. To pass the exam it will be critical to understand the outline in order to follow the PMBOK.
Moving off the process groups and using the new people/process/business taxonomy reflects the stronger emphasis on a principles-focused approach.

As such, I view this as a positive move which will help to shift PMI's standards and the exam to having greater practical value.


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