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Any other Project Managers working for MSP?
Hello all,

I'm responsible for the Professional Services department for a Managed Services Provider. We provide IT support to clients who aren't in a position to hire their own IT staff.

My primary responsibilities are managing projects as well as maturing our Project Management processes. I was wondering if there is anyone else in my position who might be interested in some knowledge sharing.
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Not today, but yes in the past (8 years ago). Today I am updated of all changes done mainly in the technological field of that domain because I am impacted about that into each of my projects no matter the business unit we are running the project. So, today, I am in the "other side of the desk" as customer and receiving those services.
Hi Jason, I currently server as an IT Project Manager for an MSP on the east coast. We're a smaller shop comparatively. I have spent the past two years working to mature our processes as well.

Would welcome the opportunity to connect and share ideas!

In my 31 years at IBM I worked in service provider roles in different flavours (project services, outsourcing, application management).

Working there had different unique benefits:
- I developed a listening and translation capability for customers, would not call it empathy
- understand the business and legal implication
- working without authority, so ethical influencing is key

Remember one lesson in particular: Client asked to send a legal language escalation letter for his shortcomings, so he can use it for his own internal escalations and get the support for the joint project. Wonderful example of what trust can achieve.
The client is not necessarily better off if you do not push them.

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