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What PM Software is most recommended?
I am looking for a software that will allow me automize most of my updates. I'm trying to stay away from excel/doc sheets
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Software selection depends on your requirements.
PM software may help with planning, risk management, performance analysis, etc. You wrote about authorization of your updates - what updates? If you mean document management then you have huge choice but is it project management?
Try Oracle Primavera Project Management (P6) for projects; if for tasks management, then try Smart Sheets.
Dear Anonymous
Interesting your question

Recently a topic on the topic was created

It was easier to read the answers :-)
Hi Anon - where is your data coming from? It would need to be updated at some source system. I gather what you are looking for is a system that can be easily updated, maintained, tracked, etc. and have built-in options for reporting. Is that correct?

What are the constraints in your organization? Does the solution need to be on-premise or can it be cloud-based? What is the stack? Integrations?

Certainly cloud solutions have afforded organizations and teams significant flexibility. There are just so many tools out there. Take time to assemble your requirements and find the tool that fits best.

Smartsheets, Monday, Jira, MS Project Online, Wrike, etc.

Good luck!
Depends on what you're using for framework - if you really are doing straight waterfall I'd say something like MS Project (or the free equivalent OpenLibre) would probably work. If you're doing something more Agile I like JIRA with Confluence.

Excel alone makes my headache. I'm sure there's people that have made their own macros to make it less awful but gah.
Everyone thinks there is one best tool. The tool that will work best for you is the one you can use fluently and is available to you. You may not like doing it in Word or Excel but any new tool will require you to get familiar with basic and advanced features.
It really depends on what kind of data you are managing. MS project is pretty simple if you are just trying to manage time and resources. If you are going to integrate into multiple platforms then P6 might be a better option.

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