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Starting from scratch
What is the best way to land a job in project management? I'm working on my Certification Associate Project Manager now.
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Hi Franklin - very cool. It takes courage to start over. I don't know what your background is, but certainly, being a member of your local chapter is a great start!

Begin attending events there and networking with other chapter members. Get a sense of what is available in the area. It will not necessarily be easy, but with the right attitude, and knowing the right people will help. Project Coordinator or Project analyst role may be a good starting point, or even Business Analyst.

Others will come by and also chime in. Please feel free to ask additional questions and remain active here. Let us be your virtual chapter.
As Andrew rightly said it is a good idea to get engaged with local chapters, network attend events. Take up some volunteer role like arranging a networking event, in the chapters gives a lot of insights to project management as well
Hi Franklin, probably there is no such "best way", every PM will have their own story. In my case, I started off my professional career in R&D. After a few years, I wanted to do something else - at this point I was not sure about what exactly project management was - and ended up in a company in which I started, without noticing, managing projects.

Good luck on preparing for the CAPM.
Dear Franklin
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

I am convinced that you are on the right track:
1. Acquire knowledge in the project management profession (CAPM)

2. Are you currently working in a company or organization?
If so, look for a mentor to help you develop project management skills and support you in your career.

3. Get involved in your chapter's volunteering activities
It is a learning opportunity

4. Create Your Relationship Network

I wish you every success on your journey
Just to comment, forget the CAPM and go for the PMP. If you do not have the enough to apply then wait. But just a comment no more than that. Do you have any formal experience in project management? I mean if you were part of a project. Go to a chapter and participating in activities could be good BUT if those activities are related to participate in a real project in the chapter. Last comment: is hard but is not easy to start as project manager if you did not manage a project before. So, take patient and start trying to perform activities in a project mainly those that can add value to your objective.
I agree with Sergio. I would skip the CAPM and aim for the PMP. I received the same advice more than 10 years ago and saved me writing two exams. If you don't have any project management experience and if your current position is not project related try volunteer in a real project to gain the experience necessary to build up your project management hours to be able to apply to write the exam. Good luck and persevere its totally doable with some tenacity and worth it.
Great Advice!! Thanks to all of you!

I agree with Sergio and Melissa about going directly to the PMP. You can volunteer time in local non-profit on a project there, it will help get your practice hours.

Good luck

My opinion my be a bit different than some of my colleagues here but from my professional point of view, I think you are in the right path.

If you don’t have enough years of experience yet, and you’re just starting, the CAPM is a good first step as it will provide you with the necessary and basic knowledge you need to know for something who is starting in the industry, and from employers side, it reflects commitment to the profession.

For a starting position, I would definitely encourage you to look for a project coordinator role like Andrew mentioned. This is allow you to be exposed to various aspects of the project management and you will start making sense and putting what you learn in the CAPM in practice.

Knowledge combined with experience is a recipe for success. Many might have a different opinion, but I am not talking theory here, I am talking out of my own experience, it worked SO well for me.

Good Luck.


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