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Topics: Agile, Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
Agile and IT Infrastructure projects
It is my understanding that Agile is becoming the go to methodology for software development projects, but will the same approach work on IT Infrastructure projects? Any experience and comments will be appreciated.
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Hi Raisa,

I do not believe in silver bullets to solve project conflicts because many conflicts are related to politics and there´s still no technical solution for political problems.

Agile should be used in the following context:

1) There´s no restriction in cutting out some scope to meet dates (in agile, cost and time are defined and scope is planned and could have variances)
2) You do have enough availability of key-users throughout the entire SDLC (in agile approaches, key-user availability is almost full time along all sprints)
3) You don´t have a "witch hunt" culture whenever the cost of changes is greater than the cost pf project progress (in agile approaches, the product owner should have full authority on changes depiste the amount of changes that are required)

Now, what type of infrastrucuture projet do you believe could meet all 3 criterias above???
Raisa, I raised the same question about 6 months ago. The answer I'd offer to you: You betcha! We're doing a hybrid implementation of Agile / UP within IT Infrastructure projects, working under the reasonable assumption that iterative, incremental delivery through a methodology that supports adaptability to change is as appropriate for infrastructure as it is for software. Gathering infrastructure project requirements through use cases / stories, breaking down your WBS in smaller chunks to deliver value early and often, and allowing for changing requirements is as naturally occuring with infrastructure as any other type of project right?

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