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Need your help! - Term paper
Hello everyone! Currently I am writing a term paper in my course "project management". During my class I hadn't much problems with creating WBS and similar charts, but the topic I got in my term paper sems at least to me way harder. My topic is as follows:

You are an employee of a big car manufactorer's strategic management department. Your management realizes that co-operation, alliances, joint ventures and merger & acquisitions are the new norm. It is not clear when, how, why and were the next partnership will be established. Therefore, management asked you to provide a full and detailed project plan for a merger & acquisition situation between your company and a fictions company which can be used as a template for future, real project.

And these are some of the questions I have to answer in my Term paper:

1. Define a project background and rationale
2. Define potential project options for targets to be taken over (you might use a brainstorming or a mind map)
3. Determine at least two SMART objectives of the project (and target) you propose
4. Define an aims break down and define which aims you will deliver with your project
5. Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) – including at least four branches and at least four levels (including the root level)

I started with the background and wrote why it is important that my company is ready for a M&A project and why M&A projects are necessary at all in the car industry.
Next I made an analysis of the company I work and and figuered out what company could be acquired in order to be benefitial.

But then the problem started on question 3. I have no idea what kind of smart objectives I should set for the project. I came up with something like:

1. The employees of the acquired company have to comply with all the company policies after a period of 12 month.
2. In cooperation with the aquired company, a patent has to be developed in a time span of 24 month.

Are these two good smart objectives? Or do I have to change them. Maybe I'm on a completely wrong track.
I already worked at an aims breakdown and the WBS but I will stop at the smart objectives for now.
All I know is that I need your help!!

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