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Which PM Software is most recommended?
I am looking into multiple platforms, and would like to know which programs have worked for other project managers
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What are you looking for a PMIS, scheduling software and exchange platform?

What size project? or what industry?
What budget? What specific features? Cloud or hosted? How consistently are your PM practices applied? What life cycle approaches are you using?

Without providing some more clarification, you will just get a list of tools, most of which won't meet your needs.

If you just want a list, Wikipedia has a decent one here:

From my experience, you do not find a tool (or methodology, for that matter) and try to fit your end product/service or the team into that schema.
The biggest failure happens when organization chooses methodology that does not fit their structure (i.e. top-down, highly-siloed org chooses Agile Scrum - or - i.e. laissez-faire org type chooses waterfall methodology)
The second biggest failure happens when org chooses tool that does not fit the needs of the project (i.e. MS Project plan for Agile Scrum - or - i.e. Azure Agile plugin for construction project)

Is there a reason why people want to fix the world through Plato's shadows and forms - instead of experimenting/seeking the truth?
The best project management software is the one you are familiar with.
There is no one size fits all. It depends on your organization, your needs, your methods. I did a search for my organization recently, if you can, we can schedule a call.
I think Teamwork is a good all-round PM tool, which can address multiple methodologies and incorporate chat, discussions, documents, scheduling, RAID, and more. It's not great for resource management or as an Enterprise tool.

I use a Mac so I use Merlin usually, but most of my clients are not Mac shops so I mostly use it to import/export MS Project files.

MS Project on the cloud looks like its a good affordable alternative and will integrate well with a client that uses Office 365 and Sharepoint.

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