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PMBOK 7TH Edition - Exposure Draft
I saw following post on PMI Facebook page.

"Mark your calendar! On 15 January, the exposure draft for the Standard for Project Management will open for public comment. Are you planning to participate?"

My answer is yes, yes and yes. And you?
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Yes, yes and yes? :)
Looking forward to it

I am looking forward to seeing what got changed since the review.
I'm sure will be a great event in USA as usual in the heart of PMI, certainly at the time I must be working or doing other thing else due the time difference. So i'm not planning participate. This should be a discussion to VIP's not for a very , very , very , very far far far away shreck like me :)

1 reply by Mayte Mata-Sivera
Jan 09, 2020 3:29 PM
Mayte Mata-Sivera
I will encourage you to participate, this is an on-line activity and all the inputs are welcome (based in my experience in previous editions)
Dear Mayte
Interesting question
Thanks for sharing

I also had the opportunity to see this PMI information
I'm sure to read it and if I have to comment, I will :-)
I was part of review team 1 for the individual sections of the Guide, but this will be my first chance to see it as a single document. I will definitely be participating in the exposure draft review as our focus in the preliminary review was primarily on identifying major content & comprehension gaps.
I'm sure I will - I have high expectations for it.
Yes, how do we participate?
1 reply by Mayte Mata-Sivera
Jan 09, 2020 3:30 PM
Mayte Mata-Sivera
Jorge, we should keep an eye open to PMI newsletters, here or their social media.
I'm looking forward to see what's new and I'm very willing to contribute to the improvement of the PMBOK.
Curios to see the changes with respect to the 6th ed. It will be - in competition with the 3rd and 4th editions - the shortest time between editions since the journey beginning.

•PMI Founded in 1969

•PMP certification started from 1984

•PMBOK 1st edition released in 1996

•PMBOK 2nd edition released in 2000

•PMBOK 3rd edition released in 2005

•PMBOK 4th edition released in 2008

•PMBOK 5th edition released in January 2013

•PMBOK 6th edition released in September 2017

•PMBOK 7th edition draft January 2020
3 replies by Kiron Bondale, Simon Harris, and Vincent Guerard
Jan 09, 2020 8:34 AM
Kiron Bondale
Eduard -

It is a full rewrite of the guide and the size has been reduced to ~200 pages. As such, I'd suggest it represents one of the biggest changes since the 2nd edition and addresses at least two of the concerns people had raised about it being too big and (perceived as) too prescriptive.

Jan 09, 2020 3:17 PM
Vincent Guerard
I would love to still have access to those order edition!
Jan 15, 2020 2:29 AM
Simon Harris
you might like this picture?
The first is the one without a name on the spine, just black tape to bind the covers and 176 pages including index etc
There was a short time between the draft was created and it will be put on revision. My first sight is no much has changed generally speaking, I encourage people to participate because we need it if we think is something that has to be addedd or modify to project management. I will work on integrate the whole mainly taking into account business analyst and project manager role and to integrate all the other standards to the PMBOK. Adding to add I will continue trying trying to push Agile beyond the software domain as it was in the actual version but I think more work on that is needed. If the PMI like to keep the focus on software then it could be good to maintain the actual agile guide in separate document as today.
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