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Who should plan the transition from project to operations?
The transition of project to operations should be( imagine a software product):

1 - Responsability from the project manager, creating a transition plan?
2 - Should be a joint effort from the Business Manager and Project Manager?
3 - should the organization create BIP (Business Implementation Plan) to address this issue?

What are your thougths about this. ( I already saw all this options in practice and also the continuation of the project team to perform the operations as a endeless project)
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If we see the operational takeover of the project's outputs as being critical to sustainability of the change brought about by the project then this could be viewed as a workstream within the overall change management plan. Overall, accountability would roll up to the PM, but I've seen both transition managers and change managers taking this on.

Certainly if the project's outputs are enhancing or evolving a long-standing value stream, then there is merit to taking the product-centric approach and having the delivery team also being responsible for operational support of it to avoid the "throwing it over the wall" syndrome.

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