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Student Mentorship Request
Good evening!

I am currently finishing my BS in Technical Management with a major in Project Management through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. My final Project Management courses require me to find and engage with mentors active in the PM field over the next nine weeks to validate and benchmark coursework with real-world practice.

I am currently taking PMGT 424 - Project Management in Aviation Operations and PMGT 461 - Global Project Management. I need a mentor for each class, one with experience in the aviation sector (civil or defense) and one with international experience. If anyone meets both needs and is willing to provide feedback or guidance on twice the content, that is acceptable as well. Each course has a series of questions to discuss each week, that are estimated to take 45-60 minutes per week.

As for my background and experience, I have served in the US Air Force with 18 1/2 years in aircraft maintenance, and am currently eyeing retirement near my 20-year mark. I have a deep interest in project management from watching ideas become impromptu "projects" with a high rate of failure and at the cost of wasted resources. I now understand these failures stem from hasty decision making without planning, poor scope management, and the lack of stakeholder engagement. I want to move forward with my own lessons learned from these failures and make a positive impact on organizations in my next career.

I hope to find a mentor or two who can assist me over the next nine weeks. If anyone is able, please contact me via this thread or personal message. Thank you!
If I had the experience you request, I'd offer assistance. I hope you are successful in finding mentors.

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