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PM best practices for onboarding in a new role/job?
I start a pm position next week and I'd love to hear your tips and tricks for a new employee onboarding.

Questions to ask?
Processes to follow?
Any additional tips?

Thank you everyone!
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consider a stakeholder identification and analysis.
Introduce yourself to key stakeholders (e.g. personal assistant to CEO), if not done by others.
Try to identify a mentor for an on boarding period, try to shadow them
Read more about that company than you need for the job (e.g. look at their investor relations, their code of ethics, at glassdoor, call their support) - smell their culture
Ask for a onboarding/welcome package upfront
Visit their food outlets (cafeteria, coffee corner).

Establish your 100 days target and plan (e.g. intake, digest, output)
You will be you and the circunstances. So, perfroming elicitation activities from the very begining you put a feet into the organization is a must. But to understand what to elicit, what things to be aware, you need to "open the eyes" by performing preparation for elicitation activities which is to understand about the business environment, to understand about the domain, to understand about what stakeholders are key in other organizations that belongs to the domain and the "pains" the have. Tools that can be usefull for you are PESTLE analysis, Porter Five Forces, Zachman Framework first row mainly, Solution Selling/SPIN Selling method.
Michael -

1. Listen more than you talk but ask lots of questions
2. Show a genuine interest in everyone and everything - be curious!
3. Put any assumptions aside
4. Identify key stakeholders quickly and build bridges with them

Great input so far everyone, thank you so much!

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