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Want to take an ASM or CSM course which is better for getting employment and overall knowledge?
I have been leading projects in my former job for years but now I want to look officially at becoming a project manager. I have my PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner, but I want SCRUM and Agile. Which is better ASM or CSM in the USA?
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You should look at local job boards and talk to recruiters to see what hiring managers are looking for. In my area, CSM is widely recognized and shows up as a prerequisite for most Scrum Master positions. ASM doesn't show up at all, but this could be different where you live (or want to live). Also not to be confused with the ACSM, which is the second tier of scrum master certification from the Scrum Alliance.

Also worth noting that you don't need a scrum certification to be a project manager. It might look nice to show that you're familiar with the scrum framework, and perhaps this could give you an edge in a job interview, but you'll be frustrated if you're hired by an organization that confuses project managers and scrum masters. The two jobs are not related.
Dear Gena
Interesting your question
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Need to be ASM or CSM certified to manage projects with an adaptive development approach?
Does the market demand it?

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