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How do I set-up a PMP exam study group in terms of format, contents, materials , and length
I'm propsing an exam study group at my company, but I'm not really sure how to approach it. I have a reasonable idea how to study on my own, but I would love your ideas about how to set it a study group in terms of:

- Format,
- Materials,
- Contents,
- and length (number of sessions)
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I can give you lot of ideas but I think the best is: 1-taken exam simulations where the set of questions is devided by knowledge are. 2-circulate the exams to each person to answer the questions. 3-review the answers in group and take the PMBOK in hand to try to understand why the answers. The problem, no matter the approach, is you need somebody that have experience due to she/he took the exam or something like that. Because of that, I think it could be good if you go to your local chapter.
A LinkedIn group is probably the best avenue.
We all purchased the Rita Book and used that to structure our study group at work. We went through one chapter a week, the expectation was that each person would read the chapter, attempt the end of chapter questions, and then one person each week would volunteer to lead the discussion and review the questions. We also shared tips like - different apps we found helpful. As each person passed the exam, the group would celebrate, so we kept each other motivated to finish. We kept each meeting to 1 hour in length and just pushed through - using email or small group meetings in between as people felt the need.
Marcus -

We had a prep review group in my last full time role which was similar to what Gwen outlined. In our case, we had one or two PMPs acting as the mentors, and each week one mentee would prepare for a knowledge area. They would prepare a simple deck which they'd go through and then challenge everyone to answer a number of questions from different (i.e. not just one self-study) sources.

The mentors would manage the scheduling of the sessions, providing guidance on completing applications and so on.

It's been 15+ years since I facilitated any PMP study groups, but my recollection is that we followed a similar path to what Gwen and Kiron are advocating above. For the more difficult PMBoK areas, we had 2 hour sessions (versus one hour).

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