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New PM at a Company getting a New PM
Good Morning, I am a New Project Manager to a Company that has not used any of the Project Management Methodology or Documentation. Any suggestions on how to Break into the Culture that has been created would great. Also the Documentation used on every project as a requirement? I have Ideas of what I want to use, but looking for suggestions.
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Tough situation. Lots of good advice. I guess you should ask or know what the expectations are from your superiors? Are you there to bring change, to improve how they do things, or are you "just" a PM managing new projects? Sounds to me you might be more of a Product Development Manager which is something entirely different but not unrelated to being a PM.
Dear John
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

I agree with Veronica.
You can incorporate Project Management processes and tools gradually, according to the type of work the enterprise accomplish.
Initiation Processes
Project charter
Stakeholder Identification

If the development approach is predictive it seems to me that the processes related to:
Define the scope
Create WBS
Develop wbs dictionary
Can also be designed and implemented

All of these processes and supporting documentation should be created in conjunction with management.
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