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Is it possible to jump from being a Digital Project Manager to a Construction Project Manager? Is PMP certification utilized or beneficial in construction project management?
Has any PMP or CAPM jumped from one vertical into construction? I am inquiring because I am interested in construction PM roles and I was told recently by a construction PM that the PMP certification isn't typically used in construction PM.
Can anyone provide any insight into the construction PM career?
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Dear Kimberly
Interesting your question.
Thanks for sharing

PMBOK Guide has an extension for building

I often compare Project Manager to a conductor
You don't need to know how to play an instrument but you need to know about music.

How do you apply this concept to being a project manager in construction?
Hi Kimberly,

I have spent close to 10 years in built environment/construction vertical as a Project, Program and finally a Portfolio Manager. The PMP certification is admittedly less recognised in this vertical not because it is irrelevant, but mainly because of the perception that the PMP originated mainly from the ICT industry.

I personally find the PMP concepts relevant in my line of work, however altering a widely held perception is not easy.

PMI released in 2016 a construction extension to PMBOK that I found particularly useful in co-relating PMBOK concepts and terminologies to actual work on sites and construction matters. You can find it here.

I would recommend using this extension guide in relation to PMBOK to better prepare project managers who are PMP certified for the industry. Hope this helps.
The problem is when people believe in things like something project management (please I am not writting this because your post, dont be upset with me). Those things do not exists. We are project managers that can perform our role inside totally different environments. For example, just talking about me, I lead project in the software domain and at the same time I lead project inside the construction domain due to the whole program was created with both components (in fact, the same program had other project related to other domains inside it).
Totally agree with Sergio.

The project management world at it's core has a suite of generic tools that can be applied across industries and it should not matter if it is construction, IT, hospitality, real estate verticals. My view is that it is that 10-20% alignment with the project domain verticals that may require some specific understanding of the project environment, norms and way of doing things.

We hope this message grows not only across the PM industry within the PM world, but across other industries both within this and other regions of the world

All the best Kimberly!
My Pet Peeve is coming across Job Descriptions with "MUST HAVE" experience /Certification in construction management projects , HR Projects (SAP success-factors implementation PMs are notorious ) , Specific software tools e.g SAP, ServiceNow or Sales-force) . It does not matter if you have done PMP with years of PM experience, you wont get a look if you are not "domain" experienced.

This is regardless of what I myself would advise (that PM Skills / Certifications are agnostic of specific domain experience and are applicable to all types of projects ) someone struggling or looking to jump across domains .
The simple answer as you have probably gathered by now is yes, it is possible but the reality is slightly different. Just doing a quick search for construction PM jobs on Linkedin will show you that this is one industry where they require some additional qualification 9 out fo 10 times. Typically some engineering degree that relates to construction. So while it is not impossible it is one of the more difficult industries to penetrate without the required qualification/s.

Is PMP relevant/helpful in this industry? No less or no more than in any other industry really. Better to have it than not.

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