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I am seeking a risk management pro that might be interested in providing a risk workshop to my local chapter.
I am the program manager for PMI Inland Northwest in Spokane, Wa. I am looking for a specialist that would be interested in presenting a workshop to our chapter in April of 2020 on Risk Management. This would be a paid engagement. Please reach out to me at
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I don't know if this forum allows for these solicitations for paid speakers :)

Anyhow, I would suggest on direct invitations to experts you identify or trying out vrms for identifying a volunteer
Unfortunatelly I am too far, in Argentina, but I teached and I performed courses and workshops from long time ago in the matter. Regards
Dear Kate
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

Is the workshop you refer to in person or online?

You can always consult a list of R.E.P.S. PMI and request a proposal
Sent you an e-mail, Kate, requesting further info - I've done similar workshops for other chapters so would be interested in learning more...

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