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Wanted: Project Management Portal!
Hi there,

I am new to Gantthead but I am looking for an online project management site/portal. Does gantthead provide this service?
I am after a site that handles project specific issues like project plan, action lists, project documentation etc online.
Does enyone have ideas?


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Are you looking for someone to help you, or a website for threaded discussions? I can help you over the internet or you can use Ganthead as a place for general discussions. I have 20 years in PM, an author for PMI, and would enjoy a little side consulting if I can be of service.

I suggest that you check out Of the project office portals, this seems to manage all project office disciplines.

There is also integration with MS Project for timetracking.
Suggest you look at
look at

Has milestone/workplan tracking, issue management, doc management, collaboration, etc. with a multi-project portal view.
There is also
Check out ProjectCatalyst by Circadium Technology. Their portal tracks project issues, risks and tasks and also has collaborative features like discussion threads and email alerts. You can also store all of your project documentation in the system.

You might check into the conference in San Francisco, "Web-Enabled Project Management," January 24-26, 2001. Not sure how many portal vendors will be represented, but you can check out IIR's website. This link will take you to conference information:

If you're looking for information like templates to use to get started, and more PM advice, also see and

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