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PMBOK Guide 7 timeline?
Curious about the timeline for PMBOK Guide 7 to prep for new exam this year. Love to hear your perspectives and how best to prepare for the new format. I'm considering starting afresh instead of working on the current edition of the exam which is more process focused. What is your take if you are working on PMP prep right now?
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If you have the necessary prerequisites (education & experience) and believe you have time to study for it, I'd recommend focusing on the current exam and writing it in the April - May timeframe so you have time for a re-take if required in June.

The lack of any meaningful study resources for the new exam currently will make it pretty difficult to do any preparation other than reading the long list of reference books which PMI has recommended.

The PMBOK Guide Seventh Edition is NOT a source of questions for the new exam. It may eventually be, but not for the initial launch on July 1.

Similar to the above posts, I'd recommend working with the current version of the exam rather than waiting for the new format. You'll have far more resources available to you, and those resources are proven to be effective study tools. You still have time!

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