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PMO Build Plan
Hello. I am in the process of building out a PMO for my new organisation. Would anyone have a good checklist/project plan that they have used I could see as a starting point??
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There is a slide deck on this on slideshare, called
Building the PMO as a Program
If Mark Price Perry is still around, he can probably provide some assistance.

We didn't use a template. I was brought on, last year, after the company had already started standing up the PMO. Once brought on, I developed the project framework, tools/templates, and some of the coaching and training materials PMO staff would need. If you want your PMO to last, this is not where you should start, if you are starting from scratch, but you can start here if you already have projects and project managers.

I'm assuming you already have projects in flight, and several waiting to start. Do you have business justification for them? ROI? Proposals or charters? The reason I ask is that you should have a team, of sorts, that does the following:

- defines portfolios (assuming you need them)
- sizes and prioritizes projects
- approves/cancels projects
- defines the direction of the PMO

The PMO can do the sizing and take recommendations to the group for approval and prioritization. The PMO also reports back to this group on portfolio/project performance and benefits realization. In doing this, you increase the potential for success of the PMO because, instead of being in a silo, business leaders have a voice in the direction of the PMO and you have greater opportunity to demonstrate value to the business.

Sorry, I don't have a checklist for this. We're still working on making this happen.
Making a PMO is the same than making any other business unit inside the organization. You have to follow the same approach. Strategy define the way the organization answer to environmental stimuli. The answers are thanks defined functions/procedures, project management procedures in this case. Whan you have that then you have to decide if a new business unit (the PMO) deserves to be created or not (those functions/procedures will be distributed across existing business unit). That´s all you need.
Dear Jim,
The previous 3 replies enough to you to do your job! :)
Plus that, I only add environment factors as a point to consider.
Dear Jim,

One bit of advice when designing and building a PMO is allow scability of function and capacity. I would get the concept up and running first and then worry about a shiny brand new building to house it in. The most important aspect of a PMO is being able to demonstrate your ability to implement processes and control quality.

As Sergio has mentioned, start with a strategy, identify and quantify the goals/ objectives, and benefits to be realized. Create a governance document, then a policy, and terms of reference for staff. Our PMO has no authority, and as such is regulated to support only, which IMHO, is only half the solution.

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