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What experts suggest for embracing change in any organization?
I want to know what experts believe about change management.
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Atif -

Increasing an organization's change resilience and appetite is very different than effective change management for a given project. Success at multiple instances of the latter can improve the former.

I'd suggest reading John Kotter's books on the subject or if you want a leaner option, Google "Lean Change Management".

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In projects, where the development approach is predictive, there is a process that allows changes to be made to the project

If you're talking about organizational change, there are several possible approaches:
- Cycle of Acceptance
PMI has a publication on the topic:

change management is of upmost importance to achieve the business targets expected from a project. The project can at its core create the product as its output, using the specialists knowledgeable how to build the product (SW developers, construction workers, ..). The people (users, tenents, ..) who use the product create the value out of the product (increased productivity, having a home, ..), which then can be seen as a benefit to them.

I have seen often this three-project sequence:
1. Pre-project or front-loading: selecting a solution to a problem based on a business case (sometimes done by Business Analysts)
2. Project to create the solution (development project)
3. Post-project or change management to move the solution to operations - mostly done by changing processes (BPR - business process reengineering) AND changing behaviors of employees

Some say change management should be part of the development project. I have seen this fail often. Developers are not the best behavior changers and change management must involve deeply operation.
Change Management is one of key aspects of today's World renowned & progressive organisations. For any organisation change is necessary to pace with the continuous changing environment around it. I found kurt lewin's 3 stage model of change very interesting and practical approach to adopt and implement any change, i.e. Unfreezing, changing & refreezing.
Kiron beat me to the Kotter model, but let me add that there are a lot of resources available online from

There's another popular model from Chip & Dan Heath called "Switch," but I think it closely resembles the Kotter model, with some updates to it. The point of these models is to make sure you're considering all aspects of organizational change and leveraging your strengths.

The ADKAR model is also good, but it's more focused on the individual. You can use it in parallel with the Kotter or Switch models. There are a lot of good resources on the internet for this, as well.
While project managers have to deal with change management, it has its own "body of knowledge". I suspect the experts you are seeking are in change management forums.

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