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What does the extra fast building of two hospitals in Wuhan tells you?
Can one argue that with unlimited resources, timelines can be pushed to the unimaginable? Is it feasible that all requirements have been correctly captured and/or delivered?

Share your thoughts.

See below a link to a time lapse video:
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While I did not see the video, It does not surprise me. For people who is interested in study the strategy behind the projects in China I encourage to serch from the point where China "left" comunism and "open" itself to the world.
1 reply by Eduard Hernandez
Feb 12, 2020 4:36 AM
Eduard Hernandez
Thanks for your input, Sergio. China has the opacity of communism and the economic mind set of capitalism.
Very impressive, a 1000 bed hospital on 2 floors high in 2 weeks. When you can align everything, everyone nothing is impossible.
Dear Eduard
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

I am convinced that there is a construction philosophy and that similar construction methods have been tested and validated in other situations

In the video, we are seeing the execution.
I'm curious about planning
I would also like to have more information about the "command and control" and communications in the project

What will happen to these hospitals after the crisis is over? Are they demolished? Or subject to incremental improvements
Impressive, I would love to learn how they did it. Also not only the building but staff, interior, instruments, medicine etc.

I once read about a Turkish millionaire who died and in his last will he demanded that he should be buried in a mausoleum on a hilltop. He had to be buried withing 3 days and they managed to build the mausoleum, a street up the hill and organize for the funeral. I understand they spent a day planning.
1 reply by Eduard Hernandez
Feb 12, 2020 4:38 AM
Eduard Hernandez
Thomas, this reminds me of what Abraham Lincoln once said: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe".
Every project has three competing objectives: cost, time and quality. I'm guessing here that cost and quality deferred to time. The delivery timeline is impressive however I would expect that "fixes" will continue for as long as the facility is in operation. Cost (effort) will most likely never be known.
The difference is the decision making process.
I think that unlimited resources are useless if we don't have adequate project planning, because coordination and strategy are the basis of a project.
Thanks for providing the discussion.

I don't think this delivery time can be achieved with unlimited resources in the normal case.
This is an emergency, and Chinese people are acting on the basis of a sense of crisis and, above all, their belief that they will save lives.
That is why I believe this schedule holds.
I agree with Luis, I will add that before starting such big project they already have a plan for this hospital, that is why all procurement and supply materials are ready to shift, otherwise, if you don't have such plan how possible to produce and move all in one or two weeks.
Very impressive, Its really Appreciable and a good learning . its shows a great planning and strategy effort with in a short time .
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