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What are some strategies for locating and hiring project team members in a vibrant economy with full employment? Oh, and increased compensation is not an option.
Current market is at full employment and locating qualified staff is proving unattainable via traditional methods; ad postings, social media adverts, networking, etc...
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All markets are governed by the law of demand and supply, if demand is greater than supply, or increases compensation, or provides career progression.
It must be something different that creates a desire for change and it is not enough to say that the company has an excellent workplace, with many amenities, everything will depend on the candidate, for some working from home can be an incentive for others not.
In last resort, you can always try to attract qualified foreign labor that have the desire of experience an overseas job.

Thomas -

Assuming the compensation package being provided is fair, then focus on your sales pitch highlighting how you address purpose, autonomy and mastery better than other employers.

Dear Thomas,

Thanks for providing the discussion.
It's hard not to have increased compensation as an option.

And then, if I think, is that the purpose of work is not only money?
I think it's important that you strongly advertise the meaning, value, pride and more spiritual purpose of your work to others.

For example, if your job does not focus solely on your interests but saves disadvantaged people and protects the natural environment, team members willingly choose the job.
Point here is: which market?. If you go to Latin America you will find it is too far from full employment. But if you have full employeement then the strategy is like in futboll: developed of the Seed-bed programs. That´s not new. Is what lot of organizations done from long time ago. For example, because providers quality level impacts the quality of the product then organizations work with some providers to help them on gaining the needed quality standard.
Dear Thomas,

Normally at certain junctions in peoples careers they are looking for something more from their career. Whether it is giving back to the comunity through charity work, more challenging projects, different work environment, different cultures working together or more leadership and responsibilities in the role. As such it is important for you to identify in your work environment and the role being canvassed for what is different or unique to role that is not readily available or missing from other similar roles on the jobs market. Salary and compensation for experienced project team members is never the over-riding factor when deciding to switch jobs and other considerations include the people on the project team, the environment, the existing culture of project management in the organisation, location, what is expected from them and their own existing responsibilities. So it is about matching the two of what you have to offer and what somebody is looking for that will make the difference in attracting and retain new project team members.

Dear Thomas
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

We live in a global economy

Have you heard of virtual teams?

Subcontracting in third countries?


Digital nomads?

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