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Unplanned training
How unplanned training happens during project performance appraisal. when appraisal happens ,it will be reviewing the project performance. Will there be a knowledge addition to the team members?
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With unplanned training, I'm assuming that you are referring to training you as an employee pursued and potentially paid for yourself i.e. not part of your development plan?

Yes, it should be recognized during performance reviews but from experience, I can say that unfortunately, it does not always happen. So if you are doing the review make sure to acknowledge these efforts because to illustrate a) a self believe b) the will to self invest

Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

Do you refer to the training resulting from the exercise of the activity (on-the-job training that is not planned?)

Do you refer to the knowledge acquired when doing a retrospective to the project or talking about the lessons learned?)

In my opinion it should be recognized during performance reviews
Hendry -

are you referring to 1:1 coaching and providing feedback which commonly happens during appraisals?

Dear Hendry,

Unplanned training or training on the job is part of career development and as such would be covered under each individuals performance appraisal and review. How to measure unplanned training would be up to the individual employee to submit there unplanned training to their line manager, provide examples and explain how the unplanned trained is beneficial to their career development. Their line manager would need to sign off on it as agreed by the terms of their HR roles and responsibility in their contract.


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