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People here need real help with Agile,
What I'm seeing on this site is that people need real help with understanding Agile. There is a ton of misinformation on here. I disagree with so many posts on this forum but I realize maybe my voice is needed here. How might I become a voice here? I a recovering PMO consultant of 10 years and now a 10 year Agilist. I have better case stories than most coaches I've ever met. How can I help?
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Jim -

I'd suggest answer discussion threads would be a good starting point as there are already many bloggers providing their perspectives on agility here.

Feel free to disagree with what I or others have stated - so long as that is done in a professional, objective manner and accepts that there is no one "right" way to be agile, your thoughts will be appreciated.

Dear Jim
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

There are two ways:
1. Give your opinion on topics on the topic
2. Create topics about what you consider to be agile
We all welcome newcomers to play an active role in the community to share their experiences.
We look forward to your contributions.
1 reply by Jim Lile
Feb 13, 2020 8:59 AM
Jim Lile
new comers to the forum but I was a PMP 1 in 2002, I really hated the PMI by the time I was done with that process, they have grown and adapted alot over the years, mostly out of survival instincts due to the wide spread of agility in product development.I have seen much better growth but still way too much "let's do a hybrid approach" before we know how to be agile. it's quite the paradox. I look forward to re-engaging the Project World. Though I'm a hard critic (-;
Dear Jim,

It is important to discuss everything.
It is to say what you are thinking specifically and to understand how others are thinking.
If you have different ideas, you should try to find out why.
Jim I think you will find that most 'conversations' about Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, etc. is around definition i.e. everybody would know and understand what is being talked about but we spend an extraordinary amount of time, effort and energy to explain that Agile is not a blah blah blah but a blah blah blah.
Some people think Agile is a cure-all and panacea for everything, which it is definitely not.
You cannot implement new ways of working , engaging, collaborating if you cannot influence people and change their mindset.
It's all about providing the environment , tools, psychological safety, empowerment, open communication , encouragement in order for agile to thrive, rather than running agile ceremonies, calculating velocity , stressing out the team and saying that we are agile.
Interesting proposal.

I see there are two ways it could be done.
1. Post blogs about the misinformation you see and share your input.
2. Initiate and engage in discussions on Agile whenever you see dissemination of misinformation.

Very keen to hear your take through blogs and discussions.
I second Kiron's feedback word by word.

Answer each discussion about Agile with what you think is the right information and the same for each blog enter and published article. In my case I always do that putting a reference trying to be as objective as possible because I think subjectivity will not help to somebody.
Dear Jim,

It could be that you are seeing a lot of bad habits creeping into implementation of Agile methodology in projects. Some people are puritans Agile while some people use hybrid approaches especially in PMO that are slow to adapt new methodologies, processes and approaches. If you feel you have something to contribute to the use of Agile I would first start by asking the right questions in the forum to gauge yours and everybody else approach to agile. Next step could be submit an article to PMI. You do not need to pander to PMI in order to get you article printed. Say it straight and back everything that you say with real world examples, relevance and environments.

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