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Control threshold
What is mean by control threshold (PMBOK 6th edition,page 182).,any practical situation or example
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According to the PMBOK, this is the agreed upon amount of variation that is allowed before action needs to be taken.

A basic example is that it may be acceptable for a project to be 3 weeks behind schedule. However, if the project goes 4 weeks behind schedule corrective action needs to be taken.
Primavera allows you to define the thresholds. Makes it easy to trigger alerts and action items. Thresholds need to be established for all aspects (i.e. cost, duration, etc.)
Hendry -

In real-life, how I've seen those used with regards to schedule variance is in stop-light reporting on schedule health. For example, if we are forecasting more than 1 day of delay on a critical milestone, schedule health is yellow and if we are more than 5 days late, schedule health is red.

Adding to Angela's excellent answer, another example of a control threshold could be related to the number of times some metric exceeds a given value. For example your schedule or cost variance exceeds a given value 3 weeks in a row. That can show that you are trending high or low. Another would be if some metric is high or low a defined % of time in a given period. That can show that you have some systemic process issue that is driving the variance.

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