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Seeking to Deep Dive on Procurement Management and Communication Management
Hi All,

I'm having trouble with getting situational questions about Procurement and Communication Management right on exam simulators. I have the formulas memorized and such, and have read the appropriate chapters in the PMBOK and PMP Exam Prep.

I understand PMI does not have Standards/Practice Standards/Practice Guides for Procurement and Communications Management.

Does anyone know of any books or video courses that go into detail on procurement and communications management (beyond that in the PM PrepCast course), and are aligned with the PMI Lexicon?

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Dear Phil
Interesting about your question
Thanks for sharing

I am convinced that here:
It is one of the places where you can find answers

I wish you success in preparing your exam

Rita Mulcahy exam prep book explains those areas in details. Moreover, PM PrepCast and RMC Fast Track simulators have questions per domain and they are good resources.

Hope this helps.

I concur with Raminl they are the best one, and the same ones I used.

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