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List of ITTO
I'm please requesting the PMP Examcram list of ITTO
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we learn best if we develop this list of ITTO ourselves. It is not a big deal and many PMP aspirants do it.
Here is a free example
Mokalid -

This topic should have bee started in Certification Central, but beyond that, cramming or merely memorizing the hundreds of ITTOs for the 49 processes is not a good strategy for preparing for the exam as that won't help with the scenario type questions. There is a subset of key ITTOs for each process which are useful to understand but the value is in knowing how they are used and produced.

Kiron maid good points

There are:-
1) ITTOs-CheatSheet you can download it for free
It an Excel sheet and you can filter according your needs
2) You can refer to PMBOK 6th Ed for X6-2 tables which illustrate most of TT .
However it is tough issue (try to understand them rather than memorize them).
I call them nightmare for PMP

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