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I just saw a video on youtube: "La verdad del corona virus" that left me with my hair standing on end

Is it a fake new or does it demonstrate that the human being is capable of the greatest monstrosities and lies?
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Feb 21, 2020 12:56 PM
Replying to Peter Rapin
There are three levels of news - the facts, the interpretation of the facts and opinions based on these interpretations. In the good old days the facts where essentially based on observation and scientific verification. The interpretation of the facts and opinions evolving from those interpretations would differ based on perception, experience and personal agenda. Establishing one's belief was do-able as we could agree on the facts.
However, now we have to deal with "alternate facts" so the entire news cycle is compromised. Interpretation and opinion becomes mute/meaningless and in fact news is more about opinion than the facts..
Before one can accept, or even consider, interpretation and opinion provided to us one must drill down to the supporting facts (observation and scientific validation). We also have to consider the intent/motivation of those providing the interpretation and opinion.
Again in the good old days "news" was essentially the presentation of facts. Interpretation and opinion were totally separate. Today "news" is the interpretation and opinion, the underlying facts are second or even third. Sometimes the facts are glossed over, or there aren't any.
Why is this happening? Because we want total service. We no longer wish to think things out. We expect someone else to provide a ready-made interpretation and opinion. Saves us the trouble. News is much like the fast food industry - as little effort for the consumer as possible.
Dear Peter
Thank you for participating in this reflection and for your opinion

I would like to better understand the relationship between who wrote the video I mentioned and people's comments on this topic
I was not able to find a translation to either english or french so can't comment further. My earlier response indicated my general frustration with the current news cycle. My preference is to avoid utube other than for golf instructions. Typically posters selectively find "facts" to support their positions.
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