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OPA for charter, can someone explain this question?
Hi, can someone explain the rationale behind the following correct answer?


There are many Organizational Process Assets that can influence the development of the project's charter. One such asset is ________

Monitoring and reporting methods (what system shows as correct)

Organizational standard policies

Monitoring and reporting methods

Templates (e.g., project charter template) (My choice, deemed wrong)
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I would have missed it too.
This is a tricky one.
And the option A and C marked here are same.

Coming back to question, All of them are correct answer if we see OPA in general.
But here the question has key.. "influence".
If we see the options again what has the most impact.
Option D as you marked is just a guiding document not the influencing one.
Option B will also has some influence but option A=C has more influence on your decision about how to go about details of charter. So the answer from the system is correct.
Hope this help in clarifying.
We can discuss further if it is not clear yet.
According to PMBOK Guide 6, they all influence the Develop Project Charter process!

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