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Good PPM Software.
Can anyone recommend a good PPM software? We are a professional services organisation delivering mainly customer facing projects. Currently have a challenge with overall reporting and exec dashboards, and a single pane of glass view of resources and resource scheduling.

I am looking at PPO, Keyedin, Inovaprime, Mavenlink,
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Dear Jim
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

Have you tried the solution proposed by Microsoft?

Microsoft Project 2019 in the cloud
"Good" is the software that best fit for your current defined process. In the last time, we are using Azure DevOps. Additional to that we are using Clarity.
Jim -

Before getting a tool, do you have consistent enterprise project and resource management practices being followed? If not, it is worse to put a tool in place than to do it manually as leaders will put more faith in "sexy" dashboards even if the underlying data is garbage.


I would echo was Sergio and Kiron are saying: there are 00s of PPM tools out there and you need to know what you really need, in terms of processes and practices that should be supported by that tool. Or you can go on an agile journey and do a try it and assess circle until you have something you can live with it.

I took part in an extensive PPM tool selection and we asked 15 vendors to show their products (RfI) to understand what is on the market. Among these were big PPM names, mostly with big cost (licences but also implementations) and a few small names, partly freemium and to just try it, better than merely excel sheets.

The former ones included HPE, Planview, ServiceNow, Sciforma and the smaller ones included Talaia, Jira etc.

I recently came across PMPeople which also provides freemium services.

Good luck, and if you need help let me know.
Jim, if you need portfolio resource leveling then the number of tools that fit to your requirements is very small. Spider Project is one of them.
It is interesting what other tools do this - level project portfolios taking into account project priorities and resource, supplies, financial and other constraints.
Can you provide a rough scale of what you need? Number of projects, resources, etc.

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