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As a student learning Project management i wanted to ask the Project management professionals that in this competitive world what are good ways to get a good co-op? To be specific how one can make ne
How do you make an impressive resume without any real-world project management experience?
How do we improve networking and communications to get a co-op?
Extra tips that a student can do to find a coop in project management?

Haha Ha (If anyone has a coop for me please let me know.)
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Through learning online especially on youtube and discussing with experienced ones.
Can simply do it through involving some people you think can help you make them your board members.
here some tips: 1.try any good thing that will help u to be known by a given mass of people. confident
3.keep searching on internet
4.if you areas is not favorable try it outside

A good co-op really depends on the following I find:

1) The school you go to and the relationship it has with various companies - ie) some companies recruit actively at certain schools and it'll give you an advantage over just applying online. Especially if you can meet in person with a representative of the company. Get in touch with your career office ASAP.

2) A good academic record / high GPA. If you took a project management class highlight it along with anything else that's relevant to the skills of the position.

3) Some sort of extracirricular activity that's related to the field or has a leadership position. Club in your field, a newspaper position that shows you can write, student government, etc.

4) You can actually take the CSM class through ScrumAlliance while still in undergrad. It's about $1000 but once taking the class the test is easy to pass and it might set you apart from the competition.

5) If you have prior work experience (even as a summer lifeguard or something like that) I'd list it on a resume. Work experience at this stage proves you're reliable and can make the difference for some hiring managers.

Hope this helps!

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