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I a m a mechanical engineer with 11 years of experience in firefighting, plumbing, drainage and HVAC trades as mechanical contractor in Lebanon (middle east), a country where all construction works have stopped due to economic and financial crisis.

I have the following questions where I seek your advice:
How can I use my PMP certification as a mechanical contractor...:
1) ... To earn more money rather than just to hang the certification on the wall of my office?
2) ... While most or all PMI and courses address IT and civil construction trades which do not have anything to do with mechanical contracting.
3) ... To gain more experience in project management while Project management is not adopted in my country?

Thank you in advance for your time to provide me your feedback.
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Mar 13, 2020 4:19 PM
Dear Ohannes,
You will need more experience about project management for hiring from employer.
Dear Mr. Reza;

Thank you for your reply.

As I see you are a member of ASCE and I am sure you are using PMP in your domain as a civil engineer. As for me, I seek to find a job in a company as mechanical contractor using PMP in order to gain my experience in PMP; otherwise it will be a certification "hung on a wall" as a decoration.

However, finding a job with PMP certification in any organization (NGO or other) is not easy.

Do you have in mind any companies looking for PMP certification holders?

Thank you in advance.
Mar 26, 2020 12:09 AM
Replying to Ohannes Aramali
Dear Adeel;

Thank you for your time to reply me back.

Please note that I really love mechanical contracting and prefer to get experience in it rather than IT or other projects.

However, finding a job in any domain using PMP is not easy and piece of cake and so far I am unable to do so.

Do you have in mind any companies looking for PMP certification holders?

Thank you in advance.
Dear Ohannes,

Thank you for your reply..

Agree with you that, every one of us is loving his filed BUT PMP makes you ready to run any project "this what i believe " because it is conceptual more that technical as you can apply the PMP in your life for example..

yah to find job as you want is not that easy this day but keep looking around,, even PMI providing some opportunists shared with them from trusted companies

hope you will find opportunity in the filed that you love

All the best

Hello i havev16 years exp in technical and recently got my PMP and have plan to move to PMO departments just have no idea how can i implement what i have learnt by PMP for example LTE project how to start the plan for it and so on i would be truly appreciated to share your experience about it
Dear Ohannes,
Do you want to continue all your life as mechanical engineer? For sure no, better to be PMP it will help a lot abroad
Good luck
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