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What was the last non-profit social project you participated in?
What social impact had?
What impact did it have on you as a project manager?
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I spent 10 years volunteering for my PMI Chicagoland Chapter, from rank-and-file assistant to Dir of Programs, through 5 Directorates, 2 VPs, kickstarted New Members Orientations program. Volunteered in translating PMBOK v6 into Polish as PM Poland volunteer.
I met many people, gained skills, connections and career because of all the 1000's of hours that I put in - and I am grateful for this opportunity and I would do it again.
Mar 10, 2020 2:16 PM
Replying to Susan Marangos
I was involved in Toastmasters International on the district level for many years. I volunteered to help start new clubs, mentor members and help clubs that were struggling. It was really rewarding but became too time consuming as I was planning my wedding.

I plan to someday return to that level of involvment when I have the time to properly commit to it.
Hello Susan,
I share your experience! Our skills wheere very valuable when organising conferences and contests
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