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Program Reporting -Consolidation across different tools and methodologies
Hello. Our team needs to provide Program level dashboard reporting for Sr. Leadership. The challenge is all our projects are run and managed off of different tool sets and different methodologies. We have Agile projects within different tools, waterfall and hybrid projects in multiple tools. Is there a software that can pull information from various systems/processes to create one organized dashboard? thank in advance.
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Dear Melissa,

This is the main reason why senior management look for a dashboard in the first place as all the metrics that they are looking for in which they would base a lot of their decisions on is spread across multiple systems and they are trying to consolidate the information in real time is difficult if not next to impossible.

The simplest approach is to do an MS Excel data export/dump in a consolidated spread sheet and run queries and create reports from their. As an approach it is relatively simple to get the concept up and running and fine tune the actual requirements from your senior management as to what information they need and displayed and in what time period they need it from.

However over the long run this approach can be time consuming if you do not automate some of the processes.

The next approach would be to create an MS Access database that you can import the information automatically and create stored queries and reports to run against the information. MS Access use to have a limit as to the amount of information that it could work on so if you are talking about tera bits of data this approach may not be ideal.

For a more advanced approach you would need to decide on a application front end where you want your dashboard displayed. I would hazard a guess and say some of you existing systems and application have the ability to consolidate information from other non proprietary system and in a dashboard manner.

The vast majority of systems these days are based on recognized International interoperable standards so you need to do a systems analysis, a requirements gathering, go through a design process and see which if any of your existing systems meet your requirements. If you start to look for outside help watch out for scope creep from all area as cost may start to mount up and make the project more time consuming and expensive to implement.

The thought in mind is function over form. Do you need just the raw data display in a Microsoft Office format or do you want all the bells and whistles and a system that can gather, consolidate and generate meaningful information.

Also bear in mind AI and big data concepts as part of your requirements gathering exercise.

Just to put my case, in my actual work place, we have 5 different ways to create products where 2 of them are agile based on the others not. We have one and only one reporting for portfolio and program management. I was in charge to define all this stuff. The point is think into architecture. You have diferent layers that will have low coupling and high cohesion and communicates each other by well defined interfaces. That´s all you need.

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