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Topics: Benefits Realization, Leadership, Organizational Culture
Tomorrow Is Employee Appreciation Day: Leaders Do You Appreciate your Employees? Employees Do You Feel Appreciated?
Tomorrow is Employee Appreciation Day which means it’s time for employers to start thinking of ways to show their employees that their work is appreciated.

Employers should pay attention to their employee now more than ever since more than half of workers don’t feel they are appreciated, according to several studies on organizational performance.

Will you be getting a surprise tomorrow of an unexpected day off?
Just receiving a gift or a simple Thank You note from their employer would make most employees want to do a better job at work.

Every employee wants to hear their employer tell them – GOOD JOB. But not everyone is so lucky to hear that.

How does your company recognize you?
Does your company wish you a Happy Birthday? Or have an employee of the month celebration? Or have a Holiday Party? How about life events, such as getting married or having a baby? Do you get recognized for those reasons?

Lack of appreciation is one of the main reasons why employees quit their jobs. This is followed by lack of opportunity for growth or development, company culture, bad manager and compensation.

As a leader of your company here are some of the ways you can celebrate Employee Appreciation Day.
• Bonus - a little caching in your employees pockets goes a long way. No strings attached. Employees can use it the way they feel fit.
• Social Events - encourages team bonding,
• Swags - a logo engraved: pens, portable speaker, or company gear (like a T-shirt or a blouse). It is particle. Plus it gets your company name out.
• Lunch and Learn: A catered lunch with a presentation from one of the departments. Numerous studies shown proof that people who are less food deprived are less hangry.

How will you be celebrating #EmployeeAppreciationDay tomorrow?
Great topic, Igor! It is sad that we need an official EAD - every day should be an appreciation day for the support we get from peers, our leaders and from those we lead.

Given that the average human needs to be recognized at least once every seven days to avoid a motivation decrease, once a year is just not enough.

It's the same as someone going to Church one day a week for an hour and sinning the rest of the week...


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