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Topics: Ethics, Information Technology, Innovation
New AI: Artificial Intuition?
I remember the days when artificial intelligence was called cybernetics. Now there are articles talking about artificial intuition detecting subtle patterns.

I'm curious as to how you build algorithms to detect something you don't know exists. In the article, the example points to small sums of money directed to one group. How do you not ask for single-point money transfers? How do you take the human programming - literally and figuratively - out of the equation?
As I wrote several times I am researching on some topics on AI from long time ago. Today, now with the help of quantum computers, is the simulation on human consciousness between othe things. But I do not stop on research. I apply AI from long time ago to bring the bred to my table. So, I will write on the topic you started based on my research and experience only. Which is intuition? "the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning". Which is instinct? "an innate, typically fixed pattern of behaviour in animals in response to certain stimuli." . So, you can create an AI device (hardware or software) that behaves in a way based on what the device learned in response to certain stimuli. Fuzzy logic behaves in that way (generally speaking) and you have fuzzy logic inside refrigerators from long time ago.

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