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I am looking to start my career as a Finance Project Manager. Can someone please guide me on what are the steps in the process?
I am an MBA finance and a PMP with 16 years of experience in Finance, Business and banking. I am looking to start my career in Finance Project Management. Please share your suggestions/tips on how to get my foot in the door.
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Well, as I always say and I know some people that interact with me will tired of always reading the same I wrote, the worst thing you can do is thinking on terms of something project manager. That´s not exists. Returning to your point, in the last years I am managing programs/projects related to SAP implementation mainly in Finance related modules. My background is not finance not matter I earned a MBA. So, perhaps that will be a type of initiatives you can working on, SAP related initiatives.
Nidhi -

If you have got your PMP already, you should have sufficient PM experience to be able to find a role as a PM in your preferred industry, especially with your domain knowledge in Finance.

If you are having difficulty landing full time PM roles, two options are:

1. Look for a project administrator/controller/analyst role supporting a senior PM on a large, complex Finance project.

2. Consider a contract gig to help you build more experience leading projects in that domain.

I agree with Kiron. As a PMP you have demonstrated that you are the work and educational experience required for a seasoned PM so you have a good project portfolio to shove into any door. Then you back that up with some solid industry knowledge in your finance MBA. You should not be putting a foot in the door, the door should be held open for you.
Honestly, you should at least qualify for interviews based on your background. I'd work on your resume and see if someone can help you tighten it up and then be willing to contract to gain more experience if need be.

If you look at jobs that you want and see they require something you don't have like SAFe or CSM - pursue those certifications but a PMP and MBA should be sufficent for finance
Kiron made good points

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