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Strong Leadership starts in the Power of Communication. Do you agree?
Clear communication is what a strong leader do.
Take a moment right now and think about a strong leader you know.
Someone you truly enjoyed working for. How was the communication of this leader , make your self this simple question.

Is possible to be a great leader without a clear and precise (inspiring) communication?
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In my opinion - no. Bad communicators can have success but that's more of a fluke than the norm.

If you're not able to communicate as a leader you won't be nearly as effective. Leaders share ideas and visions and have to get people on board, that involves a decent amount of persuasion sometimes.

Also, part of communication is knowing HOW to get the message across when it can be email, IM, meeting, etc. Not wasting time but making sure that everyone has the info they need to do their jobs. Inspiring is nice but at a minimum it needs to be effective.

I was very active in Toastmasters International in the past and it's something I really recommend to anyone looking to improve their communication skills.
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