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What is International Women's Day To You?
Today is International Women's Day!

International Women's Day is a call to action for gender parity. It is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.
First day occurred over a century, in 1911.
Progress has been made and more needs to happen.
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It is a special day to acknowledge all the great women out there in this world including our own moms and sisters.

Men and women should always knowledge each other and complement each other.
To cope with the epidemic situation in Beijing, to ensure safety, we didn't go out for fun. But there a lot of Chinese women are fighting with COVID-19, saving lives in hospital like men.
It is an unfortunate recognition of the fact that there still is not parity between the genders - hopefully one day, our children (or grandchildren) will look back and laugh that such a day was ever warranted!

As a father of three young women entering the job market over the next few years, it is a day of hope for me that they will find more opportunities to impact their world because of their ambition and abilities building on the shoulders of the giants before them who are providing role models and inspiration to forge the path ahead of them.
As a woman, what it means is a day to be celebrated publicly by organizations, brands and business, but being celebrated doesn't always equate to being hired, promoted, recognized and supported. As a woman in an industry and field with white men being the majority, there is more that needs to be done to bring up the women in organizations that are doing the work, as well as giving women who don't look like women you know an opportunity, not because they check a box because they can do the job and they deserve the opportunity to not only show it, but to earn it. Women in the workforce need to be listened too and allowed to speak.

For the men who are using their position to support and empower women, I applaud you and urge you to keep fighting the good fight, not because you have daughters, wives, mothers, sisters but because adding women to your team and to your organization adds real value, real savings, and real results.

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