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Future of Online Interaction
What do you think the future of online interaction will be like?
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In a few words and by the looks of it "It will be the future and go to interaction preference".

This pandemic will change a lot in terms of interaction, work and communication !

Remote technologies are more valorized since Coronavirus apparition, and this will be a preferred form of interaction.
Coronavirus is a global event that has permitted analize how are we prepared for online interactions, and unfortunately a lot of people in many countries haven´t technologies for communicating, working at home, shopping, or trying to continue a normal life. Causes can be differents. But, I think we have a duty to share our knowledge to help at the goverments to create, improve or offer a better quality life.
Rui -

Much more emphasis on making presence closer to what in person interactions are. We are just scratching the surface on that whereas information collaboration tools have come a long way over the past few years.

Amazing points. One thing I've noticed is the recognition that not all have access; whether location or affordability. Companies, such as Comcast, have offered free internet to those in need for a time during this crisis.
Two concerns come to mind: 1) security and 2) social interaction.
1) Security: I understand that technology related to data security has vastly improved and that it is possible to protect a lone operator somewhere on the net however the bad guys, be they individuals, competitors or state operators, are just as smart. Data security remains a risk.
2) Social Interaction: It can be argued that social needs can be provided outside the work environment but in reality we form bonds with our team mates and personal relationships are important to understand, communicate, commit, co-create or integrate. Historically people have been attracted to communities to advance their mutual needs.
I read your posts in this forum, look at the pictures, check your on-line profiles but I do not know you as would be necessary to form a team with a common goal.Then again, I'm from an earlier generation of managers and maybe do not fully understand the latest human evolution. Maybe that's why we are retired and are expected to ride into the sunset
The key is to understand what on line mean. People can perform face-to-face by using cameras for example.
Dear Rui,

Having seen some advanced technology on SciFi films I would say it will be holographic in nature that will allow virtual interaction without the need for a screen. Information will be projected on to thin air and allow viewers to interact with one another.

Also their will be more convergence of devices with your phone being your computer as well as your integrated communication device.


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