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COVID-19 and Sustained Anxiety
Sustained anxiety can have physical and psychological impacts on us individually, our families, and our teams. Are you concerned? If you are, what do you believe we should do on the personal and project fronts to mitigate the impacts?
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@Kiron stated the word “Mindful” in his comment, which in my opinion, is truly the keyword of hope as it relates to sustained anxiety.

Consider this:

- When we are mindful, we bring out attention to the experiences of the present moment, under a state of calm.

- When we have anxiety, we give our attention to future experiences that are unknown, under a state of fear.

Look at the contrast. It makes the following statement, “Anxiety is the opposite of Mindfulness.” If there was ever a time for all of us to practice elements of mindfulness, it is now.

Mar 20, 2020 11:17 AM
Replying to LORI WILSON
Hello George: I am looking for ways to support my stakeholders, coworkers, peers, neighbors, family and friends. I have an uncle who is paralyzed in a VA hospital - he is very afraid, so we text. I am texting and sending words of encouragement and calling those close to me. My best friend is a single mom whose kids are grown and live far away - she is in Seattle, a COVID-19 hot spot. Hearing a calm voice amid the frenzy can diffuse fear. As PMs we are leaders, and while many of my hospital projects are "on hold" as they deal with crisis situations - we can take the lead within our sphere of influence to support others. In doing this, I find my own stress and anxiety reduced. I want to do that on this site too - bring support and empathy to my PM peers.

I appreciate your posts as they always have an empathetic tone, and your words truly do provide support and encouragement for us all.

You make an important point about reaching out and helping others; that is, it acts as therapy and brings internal peace to our being.

Thank you for all that you do!
Remain calm.
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