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Topics: Leadership, Lessons Learned, Risk Management
The day after covid-19. Are all decision makers aware of the measures they should take during and after this pandemic ( instead of constantly react)?
Known facts:
1 - Highly contagious disease
2 - Long incubation period
3 - Low mortality rate
4 - Each country by itself taking protective measures at different times, creating different contamination cycles.
5 - Every person who has caught the disease is not guaranteed to not be hit again. (for now it is not proven to create enough antibodies to be immune)

Are there guarantees that a new outbreak will not occur with the same virus? So how to approach the crisis? The economy cannot be limited forever?
We will have to learn to live with the disease like many others diseases that are part of our daily lives?
Are our leaders prepared to take this decisions?
Are they learning something with this outbreak?
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Agree with Kiron.
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