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Shared Risk Repository
Hello Community Members:

I am looking for a reliable, shared repository of risks which can be accessed either free of cost or with a reasonable fee. My area of interest is software engineering.

I expect to see the risk and associated typical mitigation plans. If I get to know whether the risk really occurred in the project or not, it would be awesome.

Have you come across any such shared risk repositories? If yes, could you kindly provide more information?

Many thanks in advance.
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Mahesha -

I haven't seen any which provide specific risk events as those tend to be very context sensitive. However, there are many sources of somewhat more general risk events for different industries both online and in print. Capers Jones for example wrote a book a long time back named "Assessment and control of software risks".
What is not clear for me is: are you searching for a tool or are you searching for a repository with risk information into it?. Relating to risk in software engineering (and something that you can apply for other domains) the best source is all you can find into CMU SEI web site or the book "Managing Risk" wrote by Elaine M Hall.

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