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How much branding sits in the "Project Economy" concept?
Is it really so much different that doing Projects as usual?

PMI website says: The Project Economy is one in which people have the skills and capabilities they need to turn ideas into reality. It is where organizations deliver value to stakeholders through successful completion of projects, delivery of products, and alignment to value streams. And all of these initiatives deliver financial and societal value.

There is a clear emphasis on VALUE. Aside from that, is project economy that much different than traditional project (management)? How much does branding account for this? Linking these two concepts, PROJECT and ECONOMY is really a genius idea.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
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yes, it is re-branding and it is also setting the vision straight.

The term project management has some issues, like do we mean single project management or organizational project management, what about program and portfolio management, business analysis, benefits management, how does agile fit as some say we do no longer need project managers, wait, do we call them now project leaders? C-Suite had a label for operations, just do it, and would not think about even talking to executioners. But now we understand that planning and execution (strategy and implementation) must go hand in hand because of the speed of change.

So, for me, project economy means extension (not shift!) of the scope of the 'project management' profession:
from project to value delivery
from frameworks to whatever works
from professionals to humans (5-75)
from process to principle
from work to result
from business top society
from efficiency to purpose
from centralized to distributed
I like that Thomas: "From frameworks to whatever works."
I have the opportunity to perform a webinar about that for PMI Guatemala Chapter the last week of february. Other webinars were in schedule for other PMIĀ“s chapters but because the situation we are making a replan. This is not new. PMI has taken it and giving that a new name. The key is taken into account the organizational architecture. That because the PMi stated as key success factor in project economy " not wasted money organizations must integrate "the voice of client"....when the voice of client is integrated organizations have to be structured in a way they can do something with it....". Project economy meant to use projects as a mean instead as an end. Project economy meant to understand that we are helping to create solutions. Nothing new below the sun but something mostly forgotten. Seems to me the PMI understood it is loosing business. But unfortunatelly you can see a collision inside the PMI itself including the PMI by itself contributed to put the projects in the first line with has no sense. Today it has an intention to modify the route.

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