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Are qualities are more important than skills when selecting a PM?

There’s no denying skills are important when selecting a project manager. Skills ensure the headline requirements of delivering the required product on time and to budget have a chance of being achieved. But Project Managers often work within complex organizations and must often cross functional and political boundaries to obtain the input and support required for project activities. In such a situation influence and leadership are the most important factors in project success. The successful project manager will know how to juggle and balance the key ingredient found in any project - people. What do you think? Are qualities are more important than skills when selecting a PM?
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I think it's the skills that make you a Project Manager, and the qualities that make you a good one. :) It's not one over the other. Without the skills, you are not a PM. Simple as that. It's the minimal requirement if you want.

Skills are the wheels on a car. Qualities the fuel.


It depends what level I am recruiting for. If I'm recruiting for a junior post, I'll look for qualities - I can teach project management skills, or they can go on a course, be paired with a mentor etc. If I'm recruiting a senior project manager, I'd expect them to have both.

Skills and Experience - with ongoing experience skill-sets expand

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