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The social distance for COVID-19, will be a new social problem?
A new crise will came after the coronavírus crise, called social relationships crise.
How social distance will affect our relationship?
How this will impact our business and projects?
How technology can be a new great land to solve this problem?
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Well, i think it will not impact that much if you keep on connecting using online tools.
Agree with Atif. 'Social distancing' is really just physical distancing i.e. give me my own space. It does not really disconnect people since it means you are just outside of touching distance if you apply it, which very few people do.
Human beings are social creatures so what we are currently facing is alien to our "designs". As such, I'd expect once the pandemic subsides and government restrictions ease, folks will go back to high-fiving, hugging, and doing two cheek kisses as they did before!

Social distance does not mean does not mean not socialize. The benefit of technology is we can socialize by using digital media. I am working in high distributed virtual teams from years with people belonging to all the world that I never meet face-to-face. No matter that, the real danger of this virus is it is impacting the human being condition.

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