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PMXPO 2020
This year we can see the speakers because the broadcast is video
Congratulations to Conference organizers and
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Unfortunately, that may be just for the keynote and there were a number of glitches/buffering issues I and a number of other attendees experienced with Cara's great story.

We only had the first presentation (pre-recorded) with video presentation
Questions and answers have already been made without video (audio only)
I agree with Kiron but overall, I am enjoying it. I think given that many are at home, the number of attendees for this event is huge.

The lounge messages are continuous.
Maybe it's not perfect yet, but it's nice to see it happening. We are moving forward!!!!
Anxious to see what lies ahead :)
A few years ago, at a conference under the same name, we had the opportunity to attend a presentation where the video was used.
All the experiments that had to be done have already been carried out
Too bad we don't make a "leap forward"

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