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Are PDUs taking an extra long time to appear?
I viewed several on-demand webinars a week or so ago and the PDU credits have yet to appear? I am afraid to keep viewing if I am not getting any credit. Any help?
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Hi Hope! Typically the PDU auto-reporting process takes 48-72 hours, however we ask that you always allow 7-10 business days processing time as delays do occasionally occur. With the PMXPO event on 26 March we are now in the process of auto-reporting hundreds of thousands of PDUs. As you can imagine, it's going to take a bit of time. We're still shooting for the 7-10 business day time frame, but if that happens to change, we'll let everyone know!

OOOHHHHH I forgot about the expo!! Thanks so much!!
I also experienced a lag in PDUs reporting around the time of the expo, but they eventually reported.
Thanks this clears things up. The last auto-reporting I saw was from March 28 and I have gone through a few more webinars since and those were not reported yet. Thanks again Rajesh

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