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Query related to the 4.6: Perform Integrated Change Control. Reference : Page 114 PMBOK
I have one query related to the 4.6: Perform Integrated Change Control. As we know one input to the process is change requests which is basically coming from 21 other processes.
One of the outputs is Approved Change Requests which is shared/sent to 4.3: Direct and Manage Project work plus 8.3: Control Quality plus 12.3 Control Procurement.. My question is why approved changes are not sent to other processes such as control resources, control cost, control scope? As per the explanation in PMBOK 6th addition approved changes are manged through 4.3: Direct and Manage Project Work. Ok this is fine but then why to mention two others specifically i.e. Control Quality and Control Procurements?
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You question is interesting then let me comment. Direct and Manage Project Work is the place where approved changes are implemented then you will find what is doing there is an input to every Control process.
Hi Adnan,

I'm currently studying for PMP and my understanding is that Control Quality is where it is checked if implemented approved changes were done so completely (not partially), and if they were retested and certified.

For Control Procurement, I'm less certain about this. Below is my understanding, but it may be wrong. This process may have explicitly had approved change requests as an input to account for the fact that the seller may be the one to implement the this case, perhaps it doesn't go to Direct and Manage Project Work, because it's work done by an external party.

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